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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yay for VuhDo!

Patch 3.3 - perfect opportunity to update some addons!

Two of the top healers in our guild recently switched to VuhDo, so even though Girly Pally has used Healbot since around lvl 60 - and even though Girly Pally fears change and is severly technologically impaired - I figured I'd take the plunge and try VuhDo.

Besides, HealBot didn't load correctly after the patch, and Girly Pally got frustrated with it and uninstalled...

It took Girly Pally several swear-word-filled hours to get HealBot loaded properly, and more to figure out why HealBot would do fun and interesting things like: stop displaying debuffs, randomly buff people with Lesser Blessing of Might (priests really appreciated that one), or just stop working in the middle of a boss fight. And Girly Pally was never able to get HealBot to work for my little dwarf priest alt... just gave up entirely on that one.

VuhDo, however, rocks my world. It shows buffs, debuffs, curses, even mana levels, it auto-pops my trinkets in a fight - and when we went up against Gomak the Impaler it showed who had a snobold on their back! /love!!!

Best of all, much like the iPod, VuhDo is painfully easy to set up and use. The options interface has big, round, comforting buttons and clear labels, with the option to Refresh and see exactly what the heck removing that green checkmark did to your setup.

Ok, ok.... so Girly Pally still suffers from technological impairment disorder, and hasn't figured out how to make the aggro meter feature work - and I'm sure I've only touched on what VuhDo can do. But unlike HealBot, I think I'll actually have fun figuring VuhDo out :)


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