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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday shopping... WoW style!

Well, Girly Pally's holiday shopping is all finished.... on WoW :P

This year I went to the AH and got everyone a companion animal. Prairie dogs and tree frogs seem to be very popular this year!

Then I picked up some wrapping paper (available in a bunch of random places, but I just happened to be passing through Elwynn Forest, so I got some off the innkeeper there) and turned those prairie dog whistles and tree frog boxes into beautifully wrapped presents.

This works out well, because I'll be offline for a couple weeks while I get out of town for Christmas and New Years. Since I worry obsessively about my friends if they are logged off for several days (yes, Girly Pally is that neurotic...) I like to tell people if I'm going AFK for a couple days - and what better way to hear your friend is going offline than to get a shiny package from her in the mail?

I'd love to hear about other WoW holiday traditions out there... Do you always visit Father Winter? Have a guild office party? Any other fun, cool celebrations out there?

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  1. Yay WoW Christmas pressies!

    I try to give my WoW friends presents but I tend to be at a loss for ideas. Pretty much everyone I know is an avid pet collector and already has them all.

    I'm finding the Toy shop in Dalaran to be great for cheap, fun, silly gifts.