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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My secret life...

Well, the holidays are almost upon us - time for Girly Pally to head back the the Pally family, raise a glass of single malt (we're Scottish), bake cookies, open presents.... and say NOTHING AT ALL about the way I spend four or five hours every single night.

That's right - Girly Pally is squarely in the WoW closet with my family. Ok, ok... I did tell my sister when I got my epic mount, and when I hit 80. She called me a loser :P

There are a few RL friends - who also WoW - who know about my secret life. But no co-workers... no one I went to college with... no neighbors or relations.

Actually, I was even embarrassed when the plumber fixing our clogged kitchen sink saw me with my headset on!

As a pally with a tendency to over-think everything, I wonder about my efforts to keep WoW a secret. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and it's not like my friends or co-workers have no embarrassing nerdy habits.

My 40ish year old female boss is a Twilight fanatic... and has cut and pasted her own head on top of a picture of that moody emo girl hugging Edward the vampire. She has this hanging in her office.

She was thrilled when the movie came out - and really, would it have been that embarrassing if I'd said: "hey, speaking of vampires, I had a bitch of a time taking down Prince Taldaram in Old Kingdom last night - man, if you don't have dps that know the fight and a tank that can hold his freaking aggro, it's wipe city."

Yes. Yes it would have been that embarassing.

So what do you think? Am I the only pally out there who hides her WoW addiction like the freaking plauge? Am I living in bad faith here, or just maintaing some boundaries between the professional and the, um, heroic?

Who knows that you WoW - and how did you tell them?


  1. Nothing, but NOTHING could possibly be as embarrassing as pasting a picture of your own head on top of a picture of Bella from Twilight. Being 40 is no excuse :)

    I'm sure if you did tell them they wouldn't bat an eyelid - but I don't go out of my way to tell people either. I do tell them I'm a gamer. Just not so much what I actually play.

  2. I'm a male 29 year old and over weight at that.... I dont have to tell people, they just assume LOL.

    Off Topic: I was in my dps gear, and decided to tank a random heroic, so I threw on my tanking gear got into UP (instantly), and charged in... and wiped the whole group... Words of the wise: When putting on tanking gear, dont forget to swap talent specs too. :)

  3. lol Broolie!

    I've done that too - and sometimes I don't even notice until people say "ummm... your mana is really low for a healer..." Or until I panic and say "what the hell happened to my Beacon of Light???"