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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Worst. Pug. Ever.

So a friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a few weeks logged on last night, and I was wicked excited to show him the new dungeon finder system. We grouped up and got into UK... no problems, right?

The tank - a gnome warrior whose name I have totally blocked from my memory - comes in and immediately says "u all suck u should delete your chars"

Ok... I nod, smile, and say "rdy when you are!"

He says: "shut up"
Me: "excuse me?"
Dude: "oh i'm sorry.... SHUT UP"

We run the first few rooms with no problems - no health bars even got below half - and then he starts up again: "ur heals suck"

Me: "I can stop healing you if you'd like :)"
Dude: "would be better than ur heals"

I got so mad... I let him die!

I've never done that before - but I don't think I've ever been that angry in WoW before. It was a total disaster, I felt like a jerk, and my friend didn't get any of the Trimph Emblems he really, really needs.

We got back in UK and he totally had his vengence... he pulled a few dragons, dumped the aggro, and ran out of the room. Wipe number two in UK - ouch!!!! >.<

The other two random dps left the group, and we did too - my friend was out of time, and we were both pissed off. Yuck! This is exactly the kind of obnoxious stuff that non-gamers picture when they think of ppl who play WoW....

Please people - don't reinforce the stereotypes! Please!!!! :)

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